Keisuke Shimozono

下園 啓祐


写真と私の経歴 -My career with photography-
2010年 ジャパンウェディングフォトグランプリ 9位入賞
2011年 ジャパンウェディングフォトグランプリ 11位入賞
2012年 ジャパンウェディングフォトグランプリ 4位 6位 入賞
2014年 ジャパンウエディングフォトグランプリ アート部門 5位入賞 エンゲージメントロケ部門 6位入賞
2010: Received 9th prize at the Japan wedding photo grand­prix
2011: Received 11th prize at the Japan wedding photo grand­prix
2012: Received 4th and 6th prize at the Japan wedding photo grand­prix
2014: Received 5th prize in the Art category and 6th prize in the Engagement Locations category at the Japan Wedding Photo Grand Prix
ブライダルフォトとは? -What is wedding photography to you?-
残したい今。大切な時間。誓いの写真。 Capturing the present. Precious moments. Taking photos of a vow.
撮るときに大事にしたいこと。想う事。 -What is important when taking photos?-
Being your true selves. Staying just the way you are.
The expressions you only share when you are alone together.
A new look that is different from usual. New discoveries. A moment, which can only be captured that day, at that moment.
メッセージ -Message-
Let’s capture the present just as it is.
Staying true to yourselves, why don’t we find a new discovery together?
Please let me know all about you. How you met. Your memorable places. A funny story. Anything is fine.
Let’s have a conversation. This is what creates aphoto that only you can capture.
This is why photography fun! Let’s spend a wonderful time together.
I am looking forward to meeting you.